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  • The Ministry of Peace was established under proclamation number 1097/2011 on October 16, 2018. The office of the Ministry of Peace was created to sustain the reforms that Ethiopia is currently undergoing through peace-building measures, establishing and strengthening the rule of law, and building the capacity of peace and security focused sectors. Additionally, the office is tasked with using already existing social customs to deepen and sustain peace-building objectives and building national consensus.
Power and Duties
  • Work in cooperation with concerned Federal and Regional State government organs to ensure the maintenance of public order; develop strategies, and undertake awareness creation and sensitization activities to ensure the peace, security and freedom of the country and its people;
  • In collaboration with relevant Regional Organs, facilitate the provision of proper protection to citizens living in any part of the country;
  • Work in cooperation with relevant government organs, cultural and religious organizations, and other pertinent bodies to ensure peace and mutual respect among followers of different religions and beliefs, as well as nations, nationalities and peoples;
  • In cooperation with the relevant actors, work towards the creation of national consensus on critical national issue; propose recommendations to the government, and upon approval, follow up their implementation;
  • In cooperation with concerned bodies, promote the enhancement of cultural exchange, civic education, and artistic works that build national unity and consensus;
  • Develop awareness creation and sensitization strategies to foster a culture of respect and tolerance among individuals and groups, and follow up their implementation;
  • Identify factors serving as causes of conflicts among communities; submit a study proposing recommendations to keep communities away from conflict and instability, and implement same upon approval;
  • Register religious organizations and associations;
  • Oversee and follow up national intelligence and security, as well as information network and financial security functions;
  • Supervise and follow up on the proper execution of functions related to Federal Police
  • Lead and follow up citizenship, national identification card, immigration, passport and vital events registration or issuance functions;
  • Lead and follow up on the affairs of immigrants, political asylum seekers and returnee
  • Make appropriate preparations for natural man-made disasters; lead and follow up on national disaster risk management; and more.

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